How long have you been in business?

E. Leet Woodworking was founded in 1986. However, the owner has been actively pursuing his woodworking career since the early 70’s when his furniture placed first in the State of Michigan.

What is your specialty?
E. Leet Woodworking specializes in custom designing and fabricating of cabinetry, furniture, mantels, built-ins, etc. We also provide CNC services, including CAD design and 3D profiling.
Do you do commercial work?
Yes, we provide services related to commercial projects, particularly when CNC services or special finishes are needed.
What is your facility like?
Our facility is over 25,000 square feet and houses state-of-the-art machinery. For more information, please visit the facility page.
Are you licensed or insured?

Yes, E. Leet Woodworking is licensed by The State of Michigan Residential Builders & Contractors Board and we are also insured.

What have previous clients said about E. Leet Woodworking?

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What type of projects do you do?

E. Leet Woodworking can design and build any woodworking project you desire. We have no limitations.

Do you do any style of cabinetry?

Yes. We can build any style of cabinetry with any type of materials.

Can you match the color of my existing cabinetry?

Yes. We have a state-of-the-art finishing department with a finishing laboratory which allows us to color match almost perfectly.

Can you build a reproduction?

Yes, we can typically match details to exact specifications if the information is available.

Can you help design a piece of furniture or a new kitchen?

Yes, our team is capable to work out all details and provide you with an accurate rendering of your project.

How long will it take to custom build my project?

As our company is a custom woodworking company, projects are on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us for a general timeline.


Can you match the color of my existing woodwork?

Yes. We have a state-of-the-art finishing department with a finishing laboratory which allows us to color match almost perfectly.

Can you get rare wood?

Yes. We can obtain rare and exotic woods from all over the world.

What kinds of countertops are available?

We have all types of countertops available – from laminates to composites such as Corian, granite, marble, etc.

Can you inlay other materials?

Yes. We can inlay other woods, brass, metal, stainless steel, or any other materials our clients desire.

Are your materials and processes environmentally friendly?

Yes, we have developed special techniques to create natural finishes that are environmentally friendly.

What if I am allergic to the chemical processes of wood products?

We have the capability of providing custom woodworking projects to those who suffer from allergic reactions to ordinary chemical processes of most wood products.

Do you have materials that meet the Forest Stewardship Council Standards?



Do you ship products?

Yes. If you have a design that you want custom built and it does not require installation, shipping directly to you is always an option.

How far will you go to install a project?

We are not limited by geographic location. We can build a project by design in our facility, then ship the project and our tools to the location, and fly to the destination to install your project.


How much do you charge for estimating jobs?

Estimates are free. We charge a nominal fee for design work (prints and drawings) which is deducted from your bill when you use our services to build your project.