We use our own in-house installation team to ensure the highest quality product from the shop to your home

At E. Leet we have been designing, building and installing our hand-crafted products to exceed your expectations for over 30 years. Beautiful cabinets can be compromised if not installed properly, which is why at E. Leet, we take great pride in our installation process.

  • Our skilled installers ensure your cabinet doors will always be aligned perfectly upon completion of your installation.
  • In most cases, walls are never perfectly straight in a home. In these situations, we will level the cabinet bases, working from the floor up, to assure the perfect installation fit.
  • At E. Leet Woodworking, we fit the cabinet sides to the wall to create a tight fit, even when dealing with bowed walls.
  • Our professional team of installers will be extremely respectful and courteous while in your home. We take extreme precautions to protect your home.

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At E. Leet, we scribe the cabinets to the wall for a perfect fit during installation. What does that mean exactly? When you try to fit a cabinet flush against a wall, typically it won’t fit up exactly flush because the wall may be uneven. With an uneven wall, a gap will appear. At E. Leet, when we install cabinets, we use a technique called scribing in order to get a perfect fit for every cabinet installation.

During installation, we scribe the cabinet to the wall so the cabinets will fit perfectly.


Our facility is near Gull Lake and Richland, which is located between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan. E. Leet Woodworking services all of Southwestern Michigan, and the Michigan lakeshore. We have installed our work in fine homes all over the United States.

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